I always say I’m going to be better about blogging consistently. Yet here I am, over a year later from my last post…finally getting around to writing another one.

Let me catch you up.

A lot has happened in the last year.

Some things haven’t changed. Like working on things I love, taking time to stay fit, going camping, traveling to new places, and enjoying life.

Other things have changed. Since the last time I checked:

  • I realized the startup I was working on was not going to work (for a variety of reasons)
  • I moved from downtown Austin to Hill Country (and picked up some cats and chickens along the way)
  • I took a contracting gig at a startup and am moving to a full-time role (which I’m surprisingly cool with)

A year ago I was paying someone to pair with me (not that that’s a bad thing) and struggling to find customers. Now I pinch myself when I wake up and realize that someone is paying me to write code for most of the day while taking a ride on a rocketship.

Oh, and I also get to learn about wine in the process. I loved wine before. I love it even more now.

Although it has ruined cardbordeaux for me forever. My wallet does not like that part.

The other week when travelling, I even got the feeling of wanting to be home. That was a new one for me.

My FOMO is now gone, along with the pandemic. Good riddance. I won’t miss either of those.

Obviously there’s been more to my year than just those highlights, but those are the most significant points I can recall. Other small things include buying my first vehicle ever totally on my own (and only the second one I’ve ever owned), running an ultramarathon, and buying a casita travel trailer to hit the road with.

Writing this now makes me remember how much fun it can be to sit and write into the void that it is the internet.

I’m not sure why I don’t blog consistently even though I know that I enjoy it when I do it. I suppose my daily journaling session is enough to fulfill my urge to write.

I also learned this year I am a big “avoider”. So I’ve come up with a few mantras to overcome that - like asking “what needs to be done?” and “what’s the smallest action to take to do that”. It is still a struggle on some days.

Still — I know practicing writing in public is beneficial and I know I should do it more. But I’ll be honest - sometimes after a long day of work, all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a good book, a glass of wine, and my cats. Not write.

Anyways - until next year (or maybe sooner, depending on how I feel). Hugs and kisses.