What is conversion rate engineering?

Conversion Rate Engineer

con·​ver·​sion rate en·​gi·​neer \ kən-ˈvər-zhən \ ˈrāt \ en-jə-ˈnir


A person who uses a combination of marketing, copywriting, psychology, design, customer research, product knowledge, and programming to increase the rates at which users move from one stage of awareness to another. Typically used in web applications.

(see also: Corinn Pope )

Could you use it in a sentence, please?

I hired a conversion rate engineer to debug our funnels and now we’re spending less on acquisition while getting more customers. Boom.

Did you just make that term up?

You bet I did.

Why do I need to add conversion rate engineering into my already long list of to-dos?

It’ll save you money. Potentially boatloads of it.

Plus, it will help you better understand your customer — which will positively affect nearly every other aspect of your business.

Here’s a sample leaky funnel before and after conversion rate engineering:

Fixing a leaky funnel
Stat Before CRE After CRE
Ad spend $10K $10K
Click through rate 2% 4%
Landing page conversion rate 25% 30%
Cost per conversion $200 $83

Would you rather spend $10K and get 50 customers or 120 customers? Your pick.