Done for You Customer Research

Best for: new product launches, companies about to tackle a big customer focused initiative (new ad campaign, new website, brand update, etc.)

You know you should be talking to your customers. Just friggin do it already by hiring me to coordinate, perform, and analyze customer interviews and uncover the golden nuggets that will help you refine your positioning and conversion rates.

It’s like getting the best results of a product manager without the six figure price tag.

The customer research package includes:

  • Coordinating invites & scheduling calls
  • 5 job-to-be-done style interviews
  • Thorough analysis of all calls
  • A summary report on insights and recommendations for increasing conversion rates based on interview results
  • Incentive & distribution of incentives
  • Recordings of calls (when recording OK’d by participants)

With your help, we’ll select a handful of customers to reach out to . I’ll schedule a minimum of 7 calls.

During the calls, I’ll use a structured JTBD interview style to figure out what problems you’re solving for your customers and how they came to decide on you as their solution. I’ll add everything said into a meticulously organized spreadsheet, uncover the golden nuggets and insights that could lead to improvements in your business, and deliver it all to you in a nicely formatted presentation (voiceover by yours truly included).

I promise this will be something you reference for years to come.

For this package, it’s best if you have at least a dozen customers that you’d feel comfortable asking for interviews. If you’re still in the validation stage, we can conduct this research with people who match your ideal customer profile.

Quick note: your ideal customer should be within reachable within reason - if your target is to speak directly with CEOs of fortune 50 companies - I may not be able to help.

Delivery: Around 1 month depending on customer availability

Schedule a 15 minute chat to see if we’re a good fit.