Day Rate

Let’s get down to it. You can book me for an entire day of work.

What can I get done in a day?

  • Wireframe new alternatives for your home page’s hero section with carefully crafted H1s, subheads, CTAs, eyebrow copy, and graphic suggestions
  • Rewrite your pricing page hero, subheads, plan names, descriptions, and buttons
  • Dig through your analytics data to find the lowest hanging conversion fruit, then make tweaks and offer suggestions
  • Write new value props and set up A/B tests to compare results
  • Create an optimized offer for pop-ups, landing pages, and other key funnel moments
  • Conduct pre-scheduled customer interviews and write an executive report on key takeaways, insights, and useful voice of customer snippets
  • Turn the microcopy on your application’s onboarding from dull and boring to punchy and on-brand
  • Write an SEO focused article for your developer-oriented SaaS

To get the most out of your day(s), I’ll ask you to put a couple of hours of work in beforehand so when the day starts, you’re getting the maximum amount of focus from me as possible. I’ll review any prep material the night before and when the door closes to the office the next morning, you can expect 7 hours of focused work. We’ll discuss the detailed hourly breakdown depending on the project on the morning’s kick-off call.

Schedule a 15 minute chat to see if we’re a good fit.