Who is Corinn Pope?

I’m a girl from Austin, TX who happens to love everything product related. 

I was born in the great garden state (a.k.a New Jersey) to an artist and a contractor. I guess you could say I picked up on the love to create pretty and practical things from them from an early age. I played a lot of spots, begrudgingly played a couple of instruments, and had a pretty standard suburban childhood that I’m very thankful for.

I went into college (JMU) as a business major, but quickly changed my mind when I saw how cool some of the stuff coming out of the ISAT department was during orientation. I changed majors real quick.

That led me to my first job out of college in IT consulting (which I hated), which then led me down a path of ‘screw endless status meetings I want to build things’.

Let’s just say I’ve never looked back.

First up after the corporate gig was building a small info products business, then taking a product management apprenticeship, and now building my own thing.

I love listening to customers and prioritizing ruthlessly and with their experience in mind. I’m not afraid to cut features after they’ve been built or say no to stakeholders who want stuff that won’t have a positive impact on the customer. Sorry not sorry.

That’s why I’m currently building Speckled — a tool to help product managers get a hold of their bazillion and one feature requets.

When I’m not staring at my computer screen, you can find me trail running on the Greenbelt, catching up on a good book, or checking out all that Austin has to offer.