About Me

TL;DR: I’m a full-stack product person who loves to write.

I’ve done every job in B2B SaaS. Customer support, product management, UI/UX design, sales, engineering, content marketing, SEO and copywriting — you name it.

I’ve PM’d on a product with net negative churn, another with 80% product-market fit, and another that has gone on to make six figures in revenue. I’ve ran the product team at a company with $10M in revenues a year, plus worked as a developer on multiple products for both myself and others. In other words, I know SaaS.

No matter what the role though, I’ve always been drawn to the writing parts of it. Especially technical writing and copy writing.

Why writing? Clear writing is clear thinking.

When I’m not writing, I either have my nose stuck in a book, my hands in a pair of gardening gloves, or my feet in a pair of trail runners.

My style

Everything style: Keep it simple. Don’t use more than needed.

Communication style: Friendly and casual. Sometimes quirky.

Writing style: Chameleon. I write to your brand voice.

Design style: The less design, the better.

Programming style: Intuitive - I jump into things and see where it takes me.

Management style: Trusting. Human. I believe people are fundamentally good.


Bachelor’s in Integrated Science and Technology with a dual concentration in energy and environment, James Madison University

Master’s in Technology Management, University of Maryland University College

Copyschool by Copyhackers (arguably the best ROI on this list)


Corinn 👋

guess what? chicken butt. jk. i want to write copy for you.